Homework Assignment due week of Sept. 10-12

Homework Assignment due week of Sept. 10-12

Please do two page spread of gesture drawings in your sketchbook. You could pick any active video of figures dancing, playing sports, whatever you like and use the pause button to choose your gestures to study. Remember gesture is a quick all over study to determine the action….what is that figure doing? Have fun and be ready to show me the pages when you come to class next week!

2 thoughts on “Homework Assignment due week of Sept. 10-12

  1. hi this is Chloe and i was wondering if we can get extra credit if we do more drawings and pages of drawings??? thank you bye

    • Hi Chloe…I encourage you to do as much drawing and creating in your sketchbook as you want. The credit goes to you for being curious and wanting to get better by putting in more practice! As far as grade book points..show me what you’ve done and we’ll talk about it!

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