Homework for week of Dec. 3rd and 5th…due 12/10 and 12/12 Monochromatic Color study

Homework for week of Dec. 3rd and 5th...due 12/10 and 12/12 Monochromatic Color study

This week I would like you to choose any black and white image you like and then recreate the values in one color of your choice. This is a monochromatic color scheme. The word comes from Mono which means “One” and Chromatic, which means “Color”. So, a monochromatic color scheme uses one color in a range of values. Remember Value refers to how light or dark a shape or image is. In this image the color is blue so the artist has rendered all the different values in shades of blue. You can do this assignment in any one color of pencil, water color, marker or what ever you have on hand…just study the image using only one color.

Here is a short video about Monochromatic Color using paint:

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