Homework due for week of May 6th and 8th


Homework due for week of May 6th and 8th

This week I would like you to set up a simple still life with a toy or two and draw them from real life, please use a format and all the drawing and shading skills that you have in your bag of tricks to do your best work.

I’m only interested in you drawing from life from this point on in the semester….NOT from internet images. Have fun with this assignment!

New Painting Project


New Painting Project

We will be starting a new painting project this week. A Landscape or an Interior…or, you could choose an Interior that shows a landscape through the window and combine both.

This is an Interior with a window by the brilliant colorist Pierre Bonnard….The assignment will be to come up with your own color harmonies!

Here is a link that shows a few more examples of his interiors:


Landscape Painting


We will be starting a bigger landscape painting soon. I thought you might like to see a couple of little painting sketches on paper based on Augusta National in honor of Jesuit’s Jordan Spieth leading the Masters this afternoon.

Homework for April 15th and 17th Landscape


Homework for April 15th and 17th

We will be starting a new large painting soon that will be your choice of a landscape or an interior. To prepare for that I would like you to practice by drawing this landscape. Please use a rectangular format and you can use color or black and white.

This painting is by the Fauve artist Andre Derain….you can see some more of his work at this link: