Homework for Week 2…due Sept. 2nd and 4th

contour shoe drawing

For your homework for this week I would like you to draw one of your athletic shoes from life. Please work from an actual shoe and not a photograph. Use everything you know about observing the contours and also please use a format.

Remember to number the Homework in the lower right hand corner.        Description 2NumberTwoInCircle.png

Homework is always due the next time you come to class…you have a week to get it done.

If you want to dig a little deeper…here is a link to a drawing lesson working with a shoe as the subject:


Homework for Week 1


Lascaux horse  Lascaux elkLascaux bull Lascaux elk II

We will be working with some prehistoric cave painting images next week, so for your homework due next week, I would like you to choose one of the images above to draw in your sketchbook. You can use pencil or add color if you choose! Please use a format and this year I would like you to number each homework assignment in the lower right hand corner. 

                                                                                            Like this  Description 1NumberOneInCircle.png

Here is a short video to pique your curiosity!

Here is a link to a web-site where you can explore in more depth:



Here is one more link if you are interested in learning more about Lascaux: