Homework for week 5 …Due Tuesday Sept. 22nd…6th grade has a homework pass since you only had a 10 minute art class on Thursday.


For this week I would like you to do a page or two of small very quick gesture drawings.

GESTURE is a quick all over sketch that describes the action of the subject. You can look up your favorite sports or dancers on youtube and pause the video to get lots of practice capturing the action. Have fun doing these, it will help train your eye to see the whole and give your art work a sense of life.

Here is a link to a video on sustained GESTURE drawing from a model for those of you that want to dig a little deeper:

Homework for week 4 …Due Tue. Sept 15th


I would like you to set up a simple still life with objects that are interesting to you and do a cross contour study. One page in your sketchbook. Cross contours are just like regular contours , but they study the forms as if you are wrapping them in wire as in the example shown. Have fun and do your best!

Check out this short video on using Cross Contour lines: