Bishop’s Golf Christmas Card Competition

Santa 001.JPG

Thanks to all of you that did extra work this week to get your work ready to enter the Bishop’s Christmas card competition. Here is one of the best entries…I took 13 of them to be considered for the two prizes tonight. Good luck to all of you, and I hope our students win the contest!  I’m proud of all of you….see you after Thanksgiving!

Homework 4 Due Tuesday Nov. 17th

Mrs. Fallon has asked for Holy Trinity to participate in the Bishop’s Christmas Card design competition. So your homework assignment for this week is to design a Christmas Card that combines Christmas with Golf. I will choose the best designs from each class to enter the competition, which pays a cash prize of $500.00 for first place and $250.00 for second place. The design you make must be an original. You may certainly do some research for ideas but you may not copy a card design. You must make it your own design.

Here are a few examples to get your imagination fired up:

X-mas card 4 Xmas card 1 Xmas card 2 Xmas card idea

Xmas card 3


Homework 3 due Tuesday November 10th

Stained glass

For this week I would like you to choose a stained glass window design to draw in your sketchbook. Pay attention to the way the positive and negative shapes fit together.

You may use color if you like, but most importantly pick an image that is interesting and challenging for you and have fun with it.

Stained glass2

One of my favorite artists is Marc Chagall. He created some of the most beautiful stained glass windows.

You can check out some of them at this link: