Qtr. 3 …Homework 7… Due Tue. Feb.23rd



For your homework this week I would like you to choose a Black and White photo of any interesting face and do a small value drawing to practice for your next “Game Day” project. Please make the drawing about the size of a standard playing card 2 !/2″  X 3 1/2 “. Do your best and have fun.

If you want to choose a specific face to work on for your project please bring  a full page B&W print out of the face to class with you.


Here is a short time lapse video of an ebony pencil portrait as it unfolds.


Another longer video that shows an artist’s approach to drawing a portrait …slowly measuring before adding the value shapes:

An even longer video that explores the techniques of shading a drawing with value:
Here is a 2 minute time lapse of the same drawing:
Here is a time lapse drawing of a portrait of Taylor Swift using  value shapes in colored pencil:
One more time lapse drawing of Harry Potter with colored pencils:





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