Qtr. 4 Homework #5 Due Tue. April 26th

Lino cutLinocut 3Linocut 4linocut rhino


To prepare for your Linocut print project I would like you to go online and look at relief prints for an image to inspire your finished print. You can search Linocut prints, Relief Prints, Woodcut Prints,

then you can add any other subject that you may be interested in.  Linocut Animals. Linocut Birds, Linocut Robots etc.   Please do a drawing that would fit well in a rectangular format of 6X8 inches.

If you have access to a printer you might want to print out a couple of ideas that you might want to work with. Pick something that is interesting to you that will make a print you will be proud of.

For 5th grade this will be due the next week due to your trip to The Pines.

Qtr.4 Homework #4 Due Tue. April 19th



For this week I would like you to  choose a chair to draw from real life. Show me what you have learned about Line, Contour, Value, Shape, Positive/ Negative Space , and Perspective. Remember to do this in your sketchbook and number the assignment with a 4.

Pick one that is interesting to you and take your time to do a drawing you are proud of. Have Fun!

Qtr. 4 Homework #3 Due Tuesday April 12th

13th green Augusta

In honor of The Masters starting today ,for this week I would like you to choose a flowering tree to draw. If you can sit in front of a real one outside that is always the best choice. If you are moved to use color then by all means do so. In any event go out and look at the beauty of spring and have fun!

Cherry Blossoms2 tree tree4