Some work from art classes done the last few weeks


Studying a complex subject by focusing on painting the negative shapes….4th-8th grade examples.  These are on display at the top of the central staircase.


Animals 001Animals 002Animals 003Animals 004Animals 005Animals 006Animals 007Animals 008Animals 009Animals 010Animals 011Animals 012Animals 013Animals 014Animals 015Animals 016Animals 017Animals 018


Painting the negative shapes, then repainting the positive shapes. Using warm and cool colors to create animals inspired by Australian Aboriginal paintings and folk art animals from Oaxaca.  1st –3rd grade…these are on display outside the art room.


Mascots and animals 019Mascots and animals 024Mascots and animals 028Mascots and animals 026Mascots and animals 027Mascots and animals 032Mascots and animals 020Mascots and animals 021Mascots and animals 022Mascots and animals 036Mascots and animals 023Mascots and animals 025Mascots and animals 033Mascots and animals 034Mascots and animals 035

Using a bicycle as the subject one more time considering the negative shapes on top of a map and choosing a warm or cool color scheme with at least four hues.  4th –8th grade

HW6 Qtr. 1 Due Tuesday Sept. 27th




To celebrate the end of summer and the Autumnal Equinox that happens today, for this week I would like you to choose a Sun Face image that you like to draw in your sketchbook.

There are lots to choose from so pick one that is unique or interesting to you and have fun with it.

Here are a couple of diagrams that explain the Equinox to help you visualize what we discussed in class today:




Homework 5 Qtr. 1 Due Tues. Sept. 20th

Mascot 2Mascot 1mascot 4Mascot3

To celebrate Spirit Day, for this week I would like you to chose a favorite team mascot to draw in your sketchbook. Have fun and do your best!

I wanted to make my homework grade policy clear for this new school year 2016-17. Homework that is not turned in on the due date will earn a 10 point deduction if turned in during the same week. If the homework assignment is not turned in by the Thursday class it will earn a Zero. I’m happy to provide an extension for excused absences, but the policy is designed to help students to become more responsible about turning in their best work on time.

Mascot HTCS