Some of the work we have done in class so far this semester

These are some of the art work assignments we have done during the first few weeks of school at Holy Trinity Catholic School. The classes have explored the concepts of line and  using positive and negative shapes to explore a subject. These examples are displayed in the hallways at school but I wanted to provide some visual examples for those that might not have the opportunity to visit our campus or relatives that might be out of town. There are also posts with responses to homework assignments from the past year as well as some links to other websites that can enrich the student  experience for those that would like to explore further.


Musical instruments 007Musical instruments 008Musical instruments 009Musical instruments 010Musical instruments 011Musical instruments 012Musical instruments 013Musical instruments 014Musical instruments 015Musical instruments 016

1st class day activating the right brain potential by doing some drawings from an upside down image source.


Musical instruments 024Musical instruments 025Musical instruments 026Musical instruments 027Musical instruments 028Musical instruments 029


Contour drawings from still life objects…in this case from silk flowers.


Musical instruments 030Musical instruments 031Musical instruments 033Musical instruments 035Musical instruments 036Musical instruments 038Musical instruments 042


Contour drawings from real life objects….studying the forms of bicycles.


Musical instruments 032Musical instruments 034Musical instruments 037Musical instruments 039Musical instruments 040Musical instruments 043Musical instruments 044Musical instruments 045


Drawing studies considering the negative shapes using a bike as the subject.


Musical instruments 046Musical instruments 047Musical instruments 048Musical instruments 049Musical instruments 050Musical instruments 051Musical instruments 052


Grades 1-3 did some drawings based on the Rio Olympic Mascots to celebrate the last week of the games.


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