Homework responses for 1st homework qtr. 2 Draw a Halloween costume

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These are fun…thanks to all of you that turn in your homework on time each and every week. Remember there is a penalty for turning these weekly assignments in late and you earn a zero after the second class day.

You have five days to do these drawings so the wise choice is to have fun with them, do your best and always turn them in the next Tuesday.

WEEK 8 Homework Holiday!

baseball-michael-malta  Bats


Due to the ITBS testing next week I won’t see most of you for art so I’m giving you a homework holiday.


If you just love drawing and want to do one for fun , or a one time make up for a 0 that you earned for not turning in one of the other homework assignments then draw this ball or bats and stop by and show it to me sometime next week.


Otherwise relax and maybe take in a playoff baseball game or play some catch and enjoy America’s Pastime.