Some pieces I framed up this afternoon for the Pollinators of the World exhibit.

Pollinators 036 Pollinators of the World: an exhibit co-sponsored by the LaNana Creek Press, College of Fine Arts & The Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture   Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches Texas

Pollinators Of The World is international in scope with commitments from Costa Rica, South Korea, Jamaica, Russia, Czech Republic and more. Our talented Holy Trinity Tigers will be well represented with these pieces. The ultimate goal for this project will be the production of two books , one will be a Fine Press Book produced at Lanana Creek press printed from type and photo-polymer plates. In addition to images the books will have text, poems, and essays that celebrate the important role of pollinators in nature, and for our survival.

I chose three outstanding pieces each from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade art classes at Holy Trinity.

Pollinators 038

Angie  8th

Pollinators 039

Victoria Segal  8th

Pollinators 040

Lucia  6th

Pollinators 041

Leo  6th

Pollinators 042

Magdalene 7th

Pollinators 043

Karina  7th

Pollinators 044

Kelly 7th

Pollinators 051

Rafaela  8th

Pollinators 055

Diego 6th


Qtr. 3 Homework 8 Due Tue. March 7th

B&W 1B&W 3jpgB&W2B&W4


For this week I would like you to choose a Black and White image that you would be interested in using as a subject for your first painting on canvas this year.

The canvas will be a square format so you need to crop your image into a square as well. Pick an image that is interesting to you and spend some time with this drawing so that you could sketch it onto your canvas.If you have access to a printer at home or computer lab please print out a copy to bring with you to use in class.  Have fun and do your best!