Congrats to the Tiger Art Class students that have work included in the Pollinators of The World Exhibit that opens tonight at The Cole Art Center in Nacogdoches, Texas


Pollinator participants 8th

The “Pollinators of the World” will flit into the SFA Art Galleries & Cole Art Center on Thursday (May 4), only to flutter out again on May 20. Admission to this exhibit is FREE as always, but the time to see it is brief!

The Cole Art Center @ The Old Opera House is located on Nacogdoches Main Street (329 E. Main St. to be exact) in the Nacogdoches Downtown Historic District. For more information, please call (936) 468-1131.

“Pollinators of the World” is curated by Charles Jones, director of the LaNana Creek Press at SFA, and Dr. David Kulhavy, Lawrence C. Walker Distinguished Professor in the SFA Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture. International in scope, the exhibition features art from United States, Costa Rica, South Korea, Jamaica, Russia and the Czech Republic. Its purpose is to highlight the role of pollinators around the world.

“The recurring theme of bees, hummingbirds and bats indicate the significance and importance of these pollinators,” according to Kulhavy. “These pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystems by carrying pollen from plant to plant to carry genetic material for reproduction of flowering plants.”

Artists and student-artists of all levels were invited to create works on paper that reflected important pollinators from their area of the world. Among the submissions to the exhibit are images of bees, bats, birds, moths, butterflies, flies, beetles, lemurs, bush babies, and geckos. “The refreshing styles and varied mediums of the works in the exhibit portray the rich color, texture and vibrancy of this part of our environment,” Jones said.

The exhibit contains work by local artists Piero Fenci and Elizabeth Akamatsu, Corinne Jones, Charles Jones, Peter Andrew, Neal Cox, and students from the SFA School of Art. Also represented are block prints of butterflies, bush babies and geckos by young artists from Nová Paka, the Czech Republic. From Jamaica, artists portray pollinating butterflies, hummingbirds and bats in mixed media. From Alapaevsk, Sverdlovskaya region, Russia, artists from the P.I. Tchaikovsky Children’s Art School present color engravings on cardboard of “The Rustle of Wings,” “Dancing on Flowers,” “Velvet Bees” and “Cities of Butterflies.” From South Korea, students portray bees and butterflies in mixed media. Other works come from students from Holy Trinity Catholic School-Dallas, presenting bees, bats, hummingbirds and the monarch butterfly.

Jones and Kulhavy included “Pollinator LIVE,” the text of a song on a woodcut print, and woodcuts and poetry quatrains of the “Monarch Butterfly” and the “Zebra Swallowtail” from “A Forest Insect Alphabet” series, LaNana Creek Press.


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