Qtr. 1 Homework #2 Due the next time you come to class

contour homework 1contour homework 2contour homework 3contour homework 4

For the 2nd homework, I would like for you to choose a tool to do a contour drawing from life. Please choose one that has an interesting shape to you and that you have not drawn before. Remember that Contour is done with a very descriptive line that accurately describes the form of the object that you are looking at. It is a slow inspection where you try and let your pencil  follow the forms that you eye sees.

Homework 1 Due the first time you come to class next week

Hand contour

hand and baseball

For your first homework assignment I would like you to choose an interesting object to hold in your hand and do a contour line drawing in your sketchbook.

All homework assignments need to be done in the new sketchbook this year for credit.

Please do this in your new sketchbook and number it with a circle around it in the lower right hand corner like this—> It shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes to do a great job and I hope you have fun doing this assignment!

Hello Tigers!

Tiger artTeachers are back at School today getting ready for the new year. Here is a piece of Tiger Art for any of you that happen to be checking in early. I’m excited to get started on a new year of creativity. See you soon! Mr. McK.