I have been very under the weather the past few days with a severe Flu Bug


I’m sorry to have missed art classes this week, and hope to be back healthy next week. I will check the homework assignments from the first two weeks ( relief print study) and (house plant from life) next week. I am including a short video on the relief print process that you can watch to prepare for next week. I hope all of you are staying well as this bug makes the rounds here in Dallas.Since I was not here this week,there will not be a new homework assignment, but please make sure you have done the two mentioned above so that you can receive credit for those.




Qtr. 2 Homework #2 Due week of 1/22

For this week I would like you to choose a house plant to draw in your sketchbook. I would prefer that you draw one from real life, but if you don’t have a live plant in your home you may search for one that is interesting to you. Do your best and use what you have learned about contour line, value, and shapes.

Qtr. 3 Homework #1

Lino-cut relief print Drawing…small drawing of an image you might want to use for your print….see below: Laika the dog lino-cut image by Welsh artist Sandy Craig and some others to inspire you.

We will be starting to work on Lino-cut relief prints soon, so please do some looking around for a couple of new images that you might want to work with this semester. If you have a printer or access to one at school please print out the image and bring it to class next week. I would also like you to do a small drawing of the image in a format in your sketchbook. Remember that the image will be reversed in your final prints.