Qtr. 1 Homework #7 due Mon. Oct. 1st Or the next time you come to art class.

State fair 1

In honor of Big Tex and your Texas State Fair Day this next Friday, I would like you to choose something that is one of your favorite parts of the Fair to draw in your sketchbook for next Monday. Have Fun and challenge yourself to do a great drawing this week! Please use a format for your drawing this week (a rectangular or square box around the composition)

* bonus if you try drawing the Big Tex on an Indian Motorcycle illustration above, created by artist Arthur James.

Some of you will miss art classes this week due to ITBS testing , so you should plan on bringing this assignment the next time I see you, whether it is this week or next week.

A few toys from HW4 assignment

I hope to see some nice video Game characters on Monday!