Last week before Winter Break….

DSCN4494 (2) DSCN4491 (2)

There is a homework holiday over the Christmas break. Hopefully you stopped by the art room to pick up your glazed tea bowls. I will bisque fire the animal sculptures over the break once they are all bone dry, so that they are ready for glazing when we get back in January.

Carousel Projects

If you want to find any of your work that is hanging in the hallways to take home before you leave tomorrow for your break, you may take them down and then please just put the push pins back in the bulletin boards so that I can reuse them. If you want to wait until after the break I will deliver those to your classrooms before the 3rd qtr. starts.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday with your family and friends and don’t forget the reason for the season, the birth of our savior Jesus.