Qtr. 1 Homework # 2 due Tues. Sept. 3rd

For this week I would like you to set up a simple still life with some household items like bottles, glasses, cups, or jars to draw in your sketchbook. Try to describe the volume and exact shape of the objects by concentrating on seeing and drawing the Cross Contours.

Cross contours are lines that go around the form horizontally to define the form.


cross contour 3

Here is a short video about Cross Contour Lines to help you understand the concept:

2019-20 Qtr. 1 Homework # 1 due Mon. August 26th

For the first homework assignment this year I would like you to choose a toy or stuffed animal to draw in your sketchbook. I want you to concentrate on using a descriptive contour line to describe the form in detail. Try imagining that your pencil is touching the surface of the object you are drawing. This is a basic technique that you can practice any time to help coordinate your hand and eye and improve your drawing skills.