Qtr 2. Homework #1 Due Mon. 10/28

For this first week of Qtr. 2 I would like you to choose a calavera character to draw in your sketchbook in honor of the approaching Dia de Los Muertos celebrations to come next week. You might want to research the art work of  José Guadalupe Posada Aguilar, an artist from Mexico that made the calavera images famous.

Here is a link to information about him:



Qtr. 1 Homework #7 Due Mon. 10/7

Free drawing

For this last homework of Qtr. 1 it is student’s choice for your homework drawing. Choose something that you like to draw in your sketchbook. Have fun and do your best!

8th graders should bring both Homework 6 and 7 next Monday. Anyone that has missed class and has not shown me older homework assignments should bring them on Monday the 7th as the end of the quarter is drawing near.