Art for 1st-3rd grades 2nd week 4th Qtr.

I hope you all have been able to find your way to my art class blog by now. I will post projects here each week that you can try at home during our art class time or just for fun.

This week I thought we would have some fun with drawing shadows. If it is a sunny day you can do these outside. If it is too cloudy or you are stuck inside you can use a lamp or even the flashlight on a smart phone. Try choosing some of your favorite toys and trace the outline of the shadows. After that you could shade them in with your pencil or use colors to imagine any kind of landscape, background, or environment you want. Take your time and have some fun!

Shadow drawing 2Shadow drawing 3Shadow drawing 5Shadow drawing 6Shadow drawings

Here are some more hand shadows that you can practice and have fun with. Don’t forget to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise,and remember to be kind!

Shadow hands

Here is a link to 8 great art museums you can tour virtually with your family on line:

3rd Grade for Tuesday

For today I would like you to make a drawing based on Bluebonnets. You can use these images for inspiration or find your own on-line. If you have colors at home you are welcome to use those. Have Fun!

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