Qtr. 4 Project #3 Due Mon. 4/20

For this week I would like you to choose an interesting face from a black and white photo to draw. Use what you have learned about using a full range of Values from light to dark and a pencil to create a portrait that you are proud of. Any human face that you want to try will work, for this first try you might want to choose a face that you are not too invested in like a celebrity so you don’t worry too much about making a perfect likeness. I’m most interested in you exploring the forms and features to create the illusion of volume by looking at the lights and shadows.

Here is a video we will watch in class on Tuesday about the basic proportions of the facial features for a man or a woman. There are links during the video that go further into detailed tutorials on drawing eyes or the nose if you want to explore those.

Here are some examples of B&W photos that would be good for this project.

It would be good to create a format that matches your photo in order to see the negative spaces. The drawing should be at least around 6″ on the longest side. Have fun and try your best! Be ready to show me the finished drawing next Monday.

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