Qtr. 4 Project #4 Colorful Balloons …Due Mon. 4/27

Colorful Balloons 2

Balloons line

Here is a short video that you can view in 360 degrees to experience a hot air balloon:


Hot Air balloon color

As a contrast to the Value portrait drawings from last week I wanted to open up the possibilities of imagination and color using Hot Air Balloons as the subject. For this week I would like you to use a rectangular or square format, and then choose perhaps one of the postcard inspired landscapes or cityscapes above, or create your own, and bright colors and patterns to depict one or more Hot Air Balloons in a playful composition that you are proud of. Think about what you have learned about warm and cool colors as well as complementary color schemes. You can use whatever color materials that you want or have around, mixed media, collage. Have fun and let your creativity be your guide!

Here is a link to an interactive Color Wheel it covers color theory and lets you choose different color combinations based on a chosen palette:



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