Last week Qtr. 4


Art student appreciation week. For this last week of remote Zoom classes you have a choice of anything that you like to draw or paint. Some ideas…your favorite Singer, Athlete, Video Game Character, Actor, Cartoon Character, Book Character, Flower, Landscape, Vacation Spot, Dessert, Saint, Bible Verse….you choose and have some fun with it! I appreciate all the effort you put into your work this year, and especially this last Quarter when we have had the challenge of working on-line. Maybe I will see you next week when you come to pick up your things or at the graduation this week. All the best and have a creative and fun Summer!

Qtr. 4 Project # 7 Due Mon. 5/18

For your last project for this Semester I would like you to choose an animal that you like and use it as inspiration to create a whimsical piece filled with bright colors and patterns from your imagination. Please use a format like a square or rectangle and fill up the background and the image.

Have fun and take your time to make a piece that you are really proud of !

Qtr. 4 Project # 6 Due Mon. May 11th

For this week I would like you to draw the corner of a room from real life. Show me what you know about perspective. Take your time and make a drawing you are proud of and please make the drawing at least in a format 5”X5”

Here are a few videos that cover using perspective to help you with the theory, however the real key is to look carefully and draw exactly what you see.