Qtr. 1 Homework # 4 due Mon. 10/26

For this week to enhance the new project, I would like you to choose the image of a Saint stained glass window design to draw in your sketchbook. You don’t have to use color, but while you are drawing look for the way the colors are used in the design. Pay attention to skin tones and the way Halos are depicted for ideas to enrich your class Saint project.

Week 5 ITBS testing 10/12 and 10/13

For those of you that come to class in the afternoons the week of ITBS testing, I thought we would create some relaxing colorful Mandalas. Most of you have done these before. A Mandala is like a visual meditation, usually within a circular format. Pick a small plate to trace around and then draw your designs inside. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Then use colors of your choice to finish up your design.

Here is a short video on creating a Mandala: