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I'm an artist and a teacher based in Texas. My motto for my students..."Work Hard, Be Creative, Have Fun!"

STAR Enrichment Assignment # 1 Due Tuesday 8/23

For this 1st week of STAR (Students That Are Rewarded) I would like you to practice your Contour Drawing techniques by holding an interesting object in your non drawing hand and slowly draw the contour lines that you see along the edges. Remember Contours can and do move beyond the outline to describe the Forms that you see. Have fun and try to keep your drawing going for at least 10-15 minutes if not longer.

STAR (Students That Are Rewarded) Enrichment Activity

Choose any size or style of sketchbook that you prefer for your STAR work.

For this year, we will not be providing you a sketchbook or having a required Homework Assignment. Instead, each Monday I will show you a suggested enrichment drawing that will reinforce the assignments we are working on in class that week. You will have to acquire a sketchbook for your self that you like or use pages from one of the sketchbooks we had in the past. Please choose a sketchbook that has blank pages and no lines. On Tuesdays I will ask if there are any STAR students that want to show me their new work. This will be an Extra Credit Grade that shows up as STAR on your Report Card.

This is totally optional, for students that want to go a little farther with their Art experience. You will need to check the Class Blog here to see the assignments and any video presentation or background information for that week. I hope that some of you will want to continue the habit of doing extra drawings to enrich and reinforce your class room work. As always, Work Hard, Be Creative, and Have Fun!