Homework Holiday


As you get ready to float into Spring Break remember that you have a Homework Holiday. Have a fun break and we will start with new Homework assignments for the 4th Qtr. when we get back the week of March 18th.

Qtr. 3 Homework #5 Due next week

rain rain2 rain3

It seems we are in for some rain the next few days, so for next week I would like you to choose a favorite character and draw them with rain gear. You could put them in a rain coat and boots or even just holding an umbrella. Use your imagination and have fun. Do your best!

A few more examples to inspire you.

rain 6rain 7rain 7rain 8

I have been very under the weather the past few days with a severe Flu Bug


I’m sorry to have missed art classes this week, and hope to be back healthy next week. I will check the homework assignments from the first two weeks ( relief print study) and (house plant from life) next week. I am including a short video on the relief print process that you can watch to prepare for next week. I hope all of you are staying well as this bug makes the rounds here in Dallas.Since I was not here this week,there will not be a new homework assignment, but please make sure you have done the two mentioned above so that you can receive credit for those.