Qtr. 2 Homework # 6 Due. Mon. Jan. 11th

For this 1st week back from holiday break I’m giving you a student’s choice . If you choose to draw something that you really like and do a nice job and spend some time on it I will award you some BIG BONUS points on your 2nd Qtr. Grade There will be no penalty for those of you to choose not to do one or if you do it at the last minute and put not much effort into it. Your Choice!

Recent “Stained Glass” Saint projects done in class.

I thought those of you working at home might like to see some of the Saint projects we have been working on in class the past couple of weeks. The finished ones are hanging in the Community Center/ Church. They were there for school Masses last week and for All saints Day Mass on Nov. 1st. They will be ondisplay throughout the month of November, so you can see them if your family attends Mass at Holy Trinity this month.