Qtr. 4 Homework # 9

Bob ross

For the last homework assignment of this year you have a Free Drawing…choose something you really like and do your best!

If you have your sketchbook intact with every homework assignment done in the book….show me next week for a BIG homework bonus!

Qtr. 4 Homework # 8


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For this week in celebration of the Book Fair going on in the library, I would like you to choose a favorite children’s book illustration or character to draw in your sketchbook. You might want to visit the library for the BOGO deal to find one or two books that you admire.

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Qtr. 4 Homework # 7 Due Mon. May 6th

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For next week in celebration of the school production of The Greatest Showman, I would like you to choose a circus themed image to draw in your sketchbook. Choose something that is compelling for you and try your best to create something you are proud of.

5th grade will have a homework holiday due their trip to the Pines.

Qtr. 4 Homework # 6

Apostles 6


For next week I would like you to choose an apostle from the copper sculptures that were saved from the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris During Holy Week. The nine foot tall sculptures had been taken down for cleaning just four days before the blaze last Monday.  The photos above show some of the 12 Apostles, which were all sculpted in copper by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc who was instructed by King Louis Philippe 1 to start the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral and these depict the twelve religious figures that were chosen by Jesus to go on a mission.

Qtr. 4 Homework # 4 Due Mon. April 15th

For next week by request from a Winner in College Basketball Mascot Challenge, I would like you to choose a car or truck that you find interesting to draw in your sketchbook. Take your time and do your best. Have fun!