Have a wonderful Easter Break

Leonardo Last Supper

I hope you get to spend some quality time with friends and family.

If you want to get a head start on the new project please choose a rectangular black and white photo that you would like to work with as subject matter. If you find one or print one out to bring to class next Tuesday it will cut down on waiting in line to choose one in class and you can begin your painting project sooner.

B&W photo

Homework Holiday


As you get ready to float into Spring Break remember that you have a Homework Holiday. Have a fun break and we will start with new Homework assignments for the 4th Qtr. when we get back the week of March 18th.

Qtr. 3 Homework #5 Due next week

rain rain2 rain3

It seems we are in for some rain the next few days, so for next week I would like you to choose a favorite character and draw them with rain gear. You could put them in a rain coat and boots or even just holding an umbrella. Use your imagination and have fun. Do your best!

A few more examples to inspire you.

rain 6rain 7rain 7rain 8